Quality of the Rule of Law, Where can People Trust Law More?

By Garvit Vyas, 14 April, 2023

Rule of law is one of the main criteria with which societies and states are measured in terms of their governance functionality. The Rule of Law Index by the World Bank, Finland has been ranked highest, and Venezuela ranked lowest in 2021 when it discusses the quality of the rule of law.

The reports reveals, 4.4 billion people live in such countries where rule of law is declining. According to the reports, the index is based on a survey on the meta-analysis of different data points measuring a country's actual rule of law. If we take an example of the prevalence of crime and violence, the strength of contract enforcement and property rights or trust in police and courts. New Zealand and Singapore are ranked among the top 5 countries and territories. The United States ranked 24th worldwide.

Israel also received a satisfactory score when the index was published in 2021. Israel is where the protests against the government’s judicial reform are also intensifying success in achieving fair scores. At an index of 0.94 points, it ranked much behind many western European and other developed nations. But at the same time, quite far ahead of many countries in Eastern Europe, including Poland and Southern Europe. Greece has index points of 0.35, Spain with 0.88 points, and Italy with 0.27 points received lower scores.

Continuous   Spreading Declines in Rule of Law
This image shows continuous and spreading declines in rule of law over time

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