One Out of Every Three American Eats Fast Food, Considers it Healthy

By Snehal Singh, 03 March, 2023

Americans according to their testimonies came to be known as the healthy eaters. According to the reports, 50 percent of the Americans claims to be actively trying to eat healthy. It is seen that; the healthy eating attitude is more prevalent among Baby Boomers with 58 percent. But it is much lower among the Gen Z with 44 percent only.

The centres for Disease Control and Prevention found out that fast food is regularly been consumed by more than 36 percent of Americans. It is to such an extent that on any day, 1 out of 3 American must be eating from fast food restaurants.

According to another survey, 46 percent of adults in the U.S. cost has become a barrier to eat healthy foods. Almost every American from the lot stated that they always have had less time to cook healthy foods. And another 20 percent said they are unaware of how to cook healthy foods.

According to the reports, 20 percent black Americans and 15 percent white ones said it is hard to access those sell healthy food. And again, researchers have found that Mediterranean diet is best for the health. And Mediterranean diet is heart healthy, it is known to only 15 percent of the Americans. Also, 10 percent of Americans still believe that fast-food diet is heart healthy.

Consumers Claiming Eating Healthy Diet
The image shows pie chart showing the consumers claim on eating healthy diet

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