New Technological Trends in 2023 to Make Healthcare High-Tech

By Rahul Gotadki, 08 March, 2023

The healthcare sector's future is looking high-tech. Telemedicine has now become a reality. More technological trends will be witnessed further in 2023 in the healthcare sector.

According to the 2021 Future of Healthcare Report, over 50 percent of surveyed patients indicated they are more comfortable with a healthcare system based on telehealth. Thus, organizations and stakeholders should adopt new technologies and tools that promise more accurate care.

New technologies have influenced the healthcare system to get more upgraded with different features in various healthcare industry sub-sectors. Telepsychiatry and AR/VR offer innovative solutions for mental health services and medical education. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are evolving rapidly and are supposed to impact the healthcare sector in the upcoming years. In 2023 this sector is expected to grow substantially. According to WHO reports, approximately 1 billion individuals live with a mental illness, most developing it by age 14.

Also, advancements in IoTM and AI are helping in telehealth services for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). AI healthcare can help medical professionals in several ways in 2023 by speeding up the diagnosis process with the help of AI-assisted CT imaging to detect diseases and automation of hospital workflows through Robotics, which will reduce the costs of appointing hospital staff; and AI-driven chatbots to diagnose health issues conveniently helping patients to seek medical advice at their homes. On the other hand, IoMT is a connected network of medical devices, sensors, wearable devices, and other healthcare-related technology involved with cloud computing systems. It will be widely accepted and used in healthcare and wellness mobile applications.

Data analytics also plays an important role in predicting health outcomes and making informed decisions for treatment plans. Innovative implants and clinical automation holds great potential in healthcare facilities to improve the safety of patients and reduce human errors and delays in service delivery. Again, cybersecurity has become a top priority for safeguarding sensitive medical data due to the emergence of health information technology.

5 Health Tech Trends 2023
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