New Features Launched by Twitter

By Shubhendra Anand, 22 May, 2023

Twitter’s new feature is helping it to gain more popularity. Recently, it has launched italic and bold formatting. It has also begun to offer a subscription product for the users who want to provide for the paid subscriber only content to followers.

Twitter’s paying Twitter Blue customers have the access to the enhanced features. According to the reports, Twitter has launched a new feature which allows its users blue subscribers to tweet up to ten thousand characters in messages. It will be supporting bold and italic formatting too.

Again, Twitter Blue is the company’s subscription product that offers more features in comparison to the free version also including a blue checkmark. It also costs $8 per month if signing up through Twitter.

Also, the report reveals, Twitter is also expanding its monetization options, which allows users to subscribe to their favourite content creators with an exchange for subscriber only content. It is like the offerings from the services like Substack. The company also launched a subscription product for its own account. It will charge users for $4 per month to view his private subscription-only Tweets.

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New Features Launched by Twitter

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