Most Number of Netflix Customers in Different Countries

By Garvit Vyas, 14 March, 2023

Netflix is one of the biggest growing OTT platforms globally. It is forecast to increase its content spending in Asia-Pacific by 15 percent to $1.9 billion in 2023, according to the reports. As per the new reports released this Monday supposes the service’s revenue in that region to rise by 12 percent this year.

According to some revelations, in 2021 Netflix spent $500 million just on Korea and with that sum produce drama films and scripted series. One among them was Squid Game. Japan is supposed to boost scripted non-anime series in 2023.

In comparison to Japan, Korea has a strong subscriber base, according to the Flixpatrol’s data. Japan has a smaller number of subscribers. The data also supports that Indonesia and India will be the fastest-growing markets in 2023 for Netflix.   In Indonesia, the number of subscribers are on the same level with that of Japan. As per the data, the homegrown services still top the list whereas Netflix accounts for only 3 percent of all video streaming accounts and all. The survey accounts that the most popular services here are AltBalaji, Eros Now and Disney+ which has already collaborated with the local Hotstar in the country. Netflix has stood firm in its ground in Europe with the most ongoing streaming wars, in smaller countries like Austria.

Netflix Subscribers by Country
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