M-AR Re-Invests in its Business as a Key Part of its New Plan

By Indu Tyagi Ketan, 16 November, 2022

M-AR, an offsite modular specialist, has purchased its existing manufacturing facility in Hull. This has strengthened its future growth in the offsite construction sector. M-AR is a contractor with a factory’ and aims towards development through continuous re-investment into the business, purchasing new equipment, hiring more staff, and undertaking innovative training programs. Its dedicated manufacturing facility is 100,000 sq. ft. in the area and is valued at £3m. The facility can produce around 400 modules per year.

For decades, the global building & construction industry has crawled significantly behind the other sectors regarding productivity and efficiency. Long project timelines, supply chain issues, and lack of skilled labor are pivotal factors the industry is dealing with and fighting with. Productivity in global construction sectors has barely improved in the last couple of years. Modular construction, with its time savings production techniques, is being seen as an opportunity that has the potential to redefine the time-consuming conventional construction methods.

The significance of modular construction/off-site construction is now even understood by governments across the continents. Initiatives and regulations associated with incorporating modular and conventional construction methods are gaining immense traction across the global building and construction industry. Perhaps the most significant aspect is that most CEOs and developers from the construction industry see modular construction as a new way of sustainable constructing technique which helps them rebuild their position in the market. Considering the global level, modular construction/off-site construction is a massive opportunity for regional governments, entire specialty contractors, infrastructure developers, designers, and residential constructors.

Furthermore, the housing crisis is one of the most talked about concerns in several countries across the globe. To deal with and solve the issue, players operating in the global building & construction industry have already adopted the modular construction/off-site construction method for its substantial time and money saving. Experts and industry leaders anticipate that the futuristic growth and adaption outlook for modular construction/off-site construction will be lucrative back of its productivity, innovative techniques, lower cost, and, most importantly, the time-saving period.

Though even modular construction/off-site construction is still an outliner across a few parts of the world, there are potent signs that this construction technique will reshape the global building and construction sectors in the coming years. The scale of modular construction/off-site construction is broadly categorized across the terms it covers and is stated below.

Advantages of Modular Construction
M-AR Re-Invests in its Business as a Key Part of its New Plan

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