Key Players Install New Aluminum Extrusion Press Lines and Focus on Technology Advancement

By Garvit Vyas, 29 November, 2022

Aluminum extrusion allows manufacturers to design shapes that provide advantages beyond what can be attained with standard aluminum products. They are typically an economical and competitive production option, especially with complex cross-sections. The surface finish of aluminum extruded products is impeccable. Generally, those products are robust compared to aluminum castings. The aluminum extrusion market has pushed many advancements in recent years, taking the edge of new technology and strategies to enhance further the benefits of designing and engineering custom pieces. Manufacturers focus on installing aluminum extrusion press lines that modernize their operation with advanced automation capabilities. Moreover, technology advancements instantly impact the performance of companies concerned in all parts of the aluminum extrusion value chain.

In October 2022, General Extrusions Inc. (GEI), a US-based company, achieved the installation and commissioning of the new aluminum extrusion press line to boost its operations. The company desired to contemporize its technology. As a result, the new press can extrude billets up to 47 inches at a pace of 8 lbs per foot. The installation of the new aluminum extrusion line readies the company for the future. With the proliferation of advanced automation systems and the potential to enforce Industry 4.0, GEI will be able to provide the efficient operation of its new press for years to come.

Recently, Hammerer Aluminium Industries (HAI), headquartered in Austria, established a 60 MN (Millions of Newtons) aluminum extrusion line at the site, which will shortly roll into function. With the augmented demand for lightweight components for e-mobility, the new press facility facilitates manufacturing highly complicated aluminum profiles with exceptional crash properties for renowned OEMs in Europe.

Reliefed Technologies, a Sweden-based company, will momentarily receive USD 2.6 million in funding and USD 3.6 million in equity from the European Innovation Council (EIC) to construct its Z.trusion Tech Center. Z.trusion is a patented technology that facilitates producers to imprint 3D layouts on extruded aluminum profiles. This Tech Center will incorporate aluminum extrusion lines with the latest advancements in Z.trusion to develop aluminum and other material profiles.
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Key Players Install New Aluminum Extrusion Press Lines and Focus on Technology Advancement

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