Introduction of New Brands in the US to Meet the Changing Demand of Customers

By Indu Tyagi Ketan, 20 October, 2022

The first-ever US flagship of the design-driven Australian lifestyle retailer Coco Republic has opened in San Francisco's Union Square. The 40,000-plus square feet store will have more than 2,000 goods, a full design service, and a mocktail bar with Lyres, an Australian company renowned for its premium non-alcoholic beverages. 

Concentrating on creating and growing this distinctive assortment, some of which are influenced by the Californian lifestyle, will benefit the company's growth. The business believed that this was a place that would help their entry into the United States.  

For more than 40 years, Coco Republic has been a respected staple in Australia's luxury lifestyle market. The Coco Republic's design history permeates the company's culture, which offers meticulous attention to detail and ground-breaking innovation with the highest caliber of artistry and quality. 

The plan is supported by Coco Republic's October acquisition of the assets, and intellectual property of California-based home furnishings store HD Buttercup. The Coco Republic store in Culver City will open in a former HD Buttercup location, and its founder Evan Cole has joined the board of the company. 

Coco Republic's innovative product, eye-catching design, and comprehensive service remove the friction in the customer's journey to great living and working places. The residential real estate and communities in America will undergo a profound transformation during the coming ten years and a significant investment. Home purchases, renovations, relocation, vacation home ownership, office equipment, and furnishing requirements will increase because of work-office flexibility and the "stay at home" trend. The Coco Republic fills a need for wealthy and aspirant younger, more modern consumers with its luxury aesthetic, product quality, and design services. 

Unavoidably, images of expansive showrooms, on-site dining options, and in-house design services conjure up a specific Californian retail behemoth. The Coco Republic will debut in the United States with the benefit of existing infrastructure. Along with taking over the Southern California locations of HD Buttercup in L.A. In addition to Costa Mesa and San Francisco's Union Square, Coco is opening a big flagship in the space formerly used by Crate & Barrel. 

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Introduction of New Brands in the US to Meet the Changing Demand of Customers

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