Intel To Build Mega Semiconductor Site in Germany

By Aarti Dhapte, 10 July, 2023

Intel announced its plans to invest more than 33 billion euros in Germany to establish a leading-edge semiconductor fab mega-site for new research and development in June 2023. The company also looks forward to designing a hub in France and expanding research and development and back-end production in Poland, Ireland, Italy, and Spain. Earlier, it declared that the 17-billion-euro project to deliver computer chips through Intel's advanced transistors technologies will be completed in March 2022.

Intel is expected to invest in building factories and infrastructures across three continents to compete with its rivals in chipmaking, Samsung, Nvidia, and AMD, among others. The current deal in Germany is anticipated to be the most significant investment by Intel so far. For a chip plant worth USD 4.6 billion, the company announced it set up in Poland, and as per the European Union member Israel, Intel may spend USD 25 billion for the factory there.

Intel aims to bring the most advanced technologies into the continent through this biggest investment that will push the European Union to invest and make a new next-generation European chip ecosystem. The company was also made aware of the worldwide need for a more resilient chip supply chain in a balanced state. Intel aims to meet the growing demand for chips for advanced semiconductors. It is accomplishing the requirements of the foundry customers that are part of Intel's 2.0 strategy, which aims at representing three components combined to progress with product leadership and sustained technology. The recent announcement of plans in Germany would be completed by the end of 2027, as per Intel.

Intel To Build Mega Semiconductor Site in Germany

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