Inflation and Top Four Investment Regarding Inflation in 2023

By Garvit Vyas, 13 March, 2023

The year 2022 was not that great to investors since stock markets flailed and the zero interest was beginning slowly to an end. However, according to some reports, inflation rose by 8 percent monthly, throughout 2022. Inflation is expected to ease in 2023 and early returns this year are basically similar. Again, the data says a 6.4 percent inflation rate in January 2023 to start the year.

According to the reports, Luxury Investment Index, on an average managed to deliver above inflation in 2022. Art topped the list with a 29 percent increase over the period of 12 months, next to it stands the cars in the list with a return of 25 percent.

The survey reveals that Inflation Investment this 2023 includes-

Equities, because these are reliable during the inflationary times. In 2023, equities of dividend growth, financial growth, consumer products and emerging markets can show up on the recommended lists.

Non-gold Commodities investment can be the most powerful inflation hedges where raw materials can be traded as securities. Traders normally buy and sell natural gas, oil, beef, coffee, and grain along with other things. Portions of investor’s can be directed into commodities using future contracts and investments in traded funds also.

Saving bonds, are considered safe investments as their value never declines, thus making them stabilized investment during inflation and other periods of uncertainty too.

Gold is also used against inflation if nation’s currency is losing value. It is also a very real asset. While it may not be a good investment, but it can surely be used as part of a diversified portfolio.

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