Google Comes Up With New Feature for QR Code Scanner

By Aarti Dhapte, 04 September, 2023

Google is preparing to launch a scanning code that will not require the pay app to ask for camera permission while preserving the users' privacy. The Google code scanner, Application Programming Interface (API), plans to offer a complete solution, probably in 2023, for the scanning code to carry out the new feature.

The intelligent new feature from Google for Android users can make the QR code experience more efficient and swifter. According to Android analysts for developers, Google has already added a new updated feature with the ability to find the QR codes in the camera frame to zoom in and read. This new feature suggests that it will allow the devices to scan the code from a further distance and not constantly place the phone in front of the shop's window or by zooming in manually. The research has not included the new feature in Android phones yet, but it is available for developers to include in their apps. The company expects the new feature to accompany the Android 14 to be launched in the upcoming weeks. 

According to the sources, the technology used for the new feature of QR codes is very sophisticated, as Google's machine learning kit has been used. It allows users to use Google's algorithms for visual scanning, including face detection, barcode scanning, and others. Another technology used for building the technology is real-time upscaling that, will zoom the distant objects and details. The global QR code payment market is expected to reach USD 11.12 billion in 2023.

Google Comes Up With New Feature for QR Code Scanner

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