Givaudan’s First Integrated Fragrance Encapsulation Center in Singapore to Strengthen Market Position in Planet-Friendly Scent Products

By Garvit Vyas, 21 December, 2022

Considering the strategy of providing innovative and superior products, the multinational fragrance company Givaudan has established a new integrated fragrance encapsulation center in Singapore for the expansion of its business in the respective market. The Switzerland-based fragrance and cosmetics products manufacturer Givaudan is set to expand its fragrance portfolio through its afresh center in Singapore. The Givaudan company which has been known for its quality cosmetics products has made a larger customer base throughout the globe, with its innovative cosmetics and fragrances products.

The Givaudan company prominently works in fragrances starting from food, and laundry care to prestige perfumes its authentic products have been accepted by consumers globally. Since maintaining the quality, the company has unveiled the evolution of its industry leading MoodScentz fragrances for its customers. Through the newly developed fragrances, the company aims at providing tailored solutions that eventually solve changing consumer needs. Nowadays, fragrance products have gained popularity due to consumers’ changing lifestyles along with altering preferences for daily product utilization. Owing to the rising demand for various fragrances including in food and beverages and cosmetics, the Givaudan company has conspicuously developed products for their customers.

To enlarge the company’s business, Givaudan company has been focusing on the prominent factors that will alter consumer choices in the region. Considering the new development through the encapsulation center in Singapore, Givaudan is significantly focusing on planet-friendly fragrance products which is been highly appreciated by consumers. Moreover, the ever-growing cosmetics industry has been a key factor in the development of these fragrance products. Besides, the company’s new encapsulation center is associated with sustainability ambition purpose wherein it will knowingly subsidize biodegradable innovations while tackling customers’ expectations.
Fragrances growth by region
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