Getinge Introduced Volista VisioNIR, Projected To Disrupt The Surgical Lighting Industry

By Indu Tyagi Ketan, 17 November, 2022

Getinge introduced Volista VisioNIR, a revolutionary surgical light solution, in October 2021. The product was aimed to enable surgical professionals to continue using the operating light during open procedures when employing NIR fluorescence imaging equipment. To find structures that need to be removed, such as sentinel lymph nodes, cancerous cells, and luminal calcifications, and to avoid other systems that might result in acute or long-term morbidity, such as nerves, blood vessels, ducts, lymphatics, and healthy glands, NIR (near-infrared) fluorescence imaging was developed.

When using fluorescence-guided surgery, the new Volista VisioNIR function aids in guiding surgeons and securing their actions with more excellent hand-eye synchronization. No longer is it necessary to alternate between on and off lights. Lights remaining on during the entire treatment ensures an unbroken workflow where staff can devote all their attention to the patient, saving time and resources.

It is anticipated that the product has the potential to upend the surgical light market. The use of adequate lighting is essential for accurate and efficient surgical performance for the best achievable patient outcome. The surgeon's headlight is the gold standard for intense, focused lighting. Still, it has several drawbacks, such as physical discomfort, encouragement of poor ergonomic posture, a lack of cleanliness, and a role in physician distraction during treatment. Headlights’ impact on surgery—a physically taxing activity already—may be the most harmful. An incorrect ergonomic position can eventually cause the surgeon to sustain a significant physical injury and experience chronic pain.

Additionally, the market has witnessed similar product introductions and innovations intended for similar concerns.  For instance, Josh Mezrich, a transplant surgeon at the University of Wisconsin, created the MezLight in response to his and his colleagues' experiences with the need for more excellent lighting in the operating room.

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Getinge Introduced Volista VisioNIR, Projected To Disrupt The Surgical Lighting Industry

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