Ford Cuts More than 3,800 Employees to Join the Run of Electric Vehicles

By Aarti Dhapte, 21 February, 2023

With electric vehicles ruling the market, different automotive industries are planning to roll in their electric cars soon.

The U.S. manufacturer, Ford, announced that it would cut nearly 4,000 jobs in Europe in the next three years. It will hasten petrol and diesel engines switch to the electric fleet by 2035. As per the reports, the bulk redundancies will be engineers working in product development and administrative employees.

According to reports, Germany will be facing some loss of 2,300 jobs, mainly at Aachen and Ford's Cologne sites. With 1,300 job losses, the United Kingdom is also heavily affected, mainly in Dunton, Essex, while 200 more cuts are expected to be seen in the rest of Europe, as the report reveals.

Ford is the first major automotive company to announce losses directly linked to the EV transition. In an interview, Martin Sander, general manager of Ford’s electric vehicle business in Europe, tells Bloomberg, “The whole industry is going to get leaner than it was before." This is majorly due to the reason that electric motors are lesser complex than internal combustion engines. Thus, few engineers are needed to work on electric vehicle production.   

The European Parliament announced its approval on the 2035 deadline to ban new carbon-emitting petrol and diesel cars. Ford will cut 3,800 jobs cut of 35,000 European employees as it decides to go electric.

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