Europe Stands as One of the Most Connected Regions Worldwide

By Aarti Dhapte, 01 March, 2023

In Europe, every household is having faster internet speeds. It is known now as the most connected regions worldwide. The reason behind this achievement of Europe is penetration rate of mobile and household broadband across the continent.

According to the reports, in 2021, the home broadband rate in Europe was closed to penetration rate of 90.2 percent. It has jumped up from just above 70.6 percent in 2012. Also, the rapid growth of mobile broadband was also seen. The penetration rate for home broadband in the Europe was 70.6 percent in 2012. Now, the penetration rate for both the mobile and home broadband has become more than double that is 104 percent in 2021. It was 46.2 percent in 2012.

As per the survey, 70 percent of homes in the European Union (EU) enjoyed high-speed internet coverage. This was 16 percent in 2013. But the survey also revealed that rural homes are left behind.

The best-connected countries having high-speed internet connection are Malta. A Mediterranean island country, it leads 27-nation EU with 100 percent marker. Followed by Luxembourg, Denmark and Spain with 96, 95 and 94 percent of homes respectively. And the countries with least widespread connections in 2021 were Greece, Cyprus and Italy with 20, 41 and 44 percent of homes covered for internet connection.

As revealed by the European commission, the EU’s government wall the homes across the EU to have ‘gigabit connectivity’ by 2030.

High-Speed Internet Coverage by Area Type
The image shows high-speed internet coverage by type of area (2021)

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