E-mobility is the New Trend in the Market

By Aarti Dhapte, 18 January, 2023

The demands are growing over time for E-mobility, encouraging the Electric Vehicles industry to enhance more daily. Countries worldwide are adopting electric vehicles due to low-emission reduction instead of fossil fuel-driven vehicles, which threaten our planet.

This industry has shown a gradual growth rate over the years. Initially, the features like high cost, low speed, low battery range, and least concerned environmental factors were the main reasons behind the industry not taking off. But this decade has seen increased demand in the global market. Factors like,

  • Charging an electric vehicle cost cheaper than filling fuel.
  • Electric vehicles do not have gears; thus, it gives excellent driving experience without any stress.
  • Helps to save up on your taxes. One can avail 40 percent deduction in the first year to save on income tax since government too supports your idea of buying an electric vehicle.
  • It’s eco-friendly as it helps to save nearly one Giga tonne of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, as per the reports.

Tesla is the name that comes to our mind regarding E-mobility. With the first six best-selling cars, Tesla is ahead in the competition, per the reports. Now, India is taking significant steps forward in E-mobility. Mumbai-based Liger mobility brand for electric mobility will launch its first electric scooter at the Auto Expo 2023. The main feature of this

EV is its homegrown self-balancing technology. It will make the two-wheeler more balanced, reducing road accidents too.

Norway moves ahead in the race to adopt electric vehicles. This is because the country’s electricity comes mostly from hydropower.

Electric vehicles will soon replace conventional cars. With so many positive features, they are the next future without hampering the fossil fuels of nature much.

Battery Electric   plug-in Hybrid Car Sales  Million
The image shows battery electric and plug-in hybrid car sales (million)

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