Drone Harmony Extends Parrot ANAFI Ai Open Platform Capability with its Flight Planner for Complex Missions

By Garvit Vyas, 16 December, 2022

In October 2022, Parrot, one of the prominent European drone manufacturers, is very pleased to announce that the Parrot ANAFI Ai is now compatible with Drone Harmony. Through this agreement, professionals in the inspection and mapping industries will have automated data collection capabilities in the most difficult scenarios thanks to a combination of Parrot's top-tier 4G-connected professional drones and Drone Harmony's software. The team promises secure, reproducible data collection of the highest calibre.

The greatest photogrammetry solution in its category is provided by the 48 MP photos taken at 1 frame per second by the Parrot ANAFI Ai: faster mapping with the same data quality and longer missions with bigger surface mapping.

Drone Harmony's application uses Parrot ANAFI AI's exceptional photogrammetry capabilities to let inspection professionals record the most precise data while minimising errors. When planning a large-scale topography mission, the flight planner takes the terrain into account. Drone Harmony also enables the mapping of building facades and the examination of industrial infrastructure during flight planning. The method is especially effective for mapping in interference-filled metropolitan areas where Wi-Fi may be quite difficult when combined with the ANAFI Ai's 4G connectivity.

Professionals can then use the data collected by the Parrot ANAFI AI and Drone Harmony Application to quickly survey and/or develop precise 2D and 3D maps of buildings, telecommunications assets, power lines, industrial sites, bridges, railways, mines, mountains, roads, quarries, woods, and cliffs.

The Parrot openness philosophy makes it easy to be compatible with the Drone Harmony Application. For development, Parrot strongly supports open source. Developers are free to create their own applications and embed their own code on the drone using the Parrot SDK. The open-source standard protocol MAVLink v1, which Drone Harmony uses to share flight plans, is compatible with the Parrot ANAFI Ai.

Once the flight planner has produced a flight plan, it can be shared via Parrot Free Flight 7, the app meant to control the Parrot ANAFI Ai. The regular app UI then displays the flight plan. Any other Free Flight Plan mission can be used to execute it.

Finally, this compatibility provides users with privacy by design. Professionals and their businesses are not observed by Parrot. The natural take-off location of the parrot is Anafi Ai. Both Drone Harmony and Parrot comply with GDPR. All sensitive data gathered by Parrot ANAFI Ai, including flight logs, can be stored locally on Parrot's GDPR-compliant servers located in Europe, and users can opt not to share their data with third parties.

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