China is the Main Trading Partner of Brazil

By Anshula Mandaokar, 23 May, 2023

The main trading partner of China is Brazil. The reports say, China is accounting for the 31.3 percent of Brazil’s exports. The United States followed the next with 11.2 percent, in Argentina 4.2 percent and in the Netherlands 3.3 percent. In 2023, Brazil’s main supplier is China with 22.8 percent; in United States with 17.7 percent; in Argentina with 5.3 percent and the Germany 5.1 percent.

According to the reports, the bilateral trade in Brazilian-Chinese is strengthening year-on-year, increased by some 11 percent in 2022. This trade increase with $157.5 billion, as per the reports of the UN’s Comtrade database. But the figures may also differ from each other in different sources.

As per the reports by Planalto, Brazil is the top export to China was soy with 36 percent of the total exports in 2022. Also, the iron ore is 20 percent and oil are 18 percent. In 2023, January and February, the oil is leading at 23 percent, it is followed by soy with 22 percent and irone ore with 21 percent. The reports reveal that OEC states that main products of China exported to Brazil in 2021 are semiconductor devices, telephones and offices machine parts.

Bilateral Trades and Change in Exports
The image shows bilateral trade and change in exports - May 2009 to March 2021

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