BRICS Electricity Emission: China is the Biggest Coal Power Country in the World

By Anshula Mandaokar, 22 May, 2023

To manage the balance of economic growth with the global issue of the climate crisis. It is obvious that manufacturing goods, extracting materials, and growing economy of the huge nations is highly energy intensive and produces more waste also in the form of carbon emissions.

Brazil with -34.2 percent stood out for its absolute drop in emissions in 2022. According to the analysts, the fall is due to clean energy generation increased beyond the high demands. According to the reports, gas generation also fell by 46 percent in the country. The hydropower has also dominated the electricity mix of 63 percent and 428 TWh. The wind and solar power have exceeded the global average of 12 percent which accounted for 15 percent of the country’s electricity.

China saw a net increase of 1.6 percent that is +76 mtCO2 in the emissions from the electricity generation in 2022. The researchers found that it is partly because electricity demands progress in the country was met by coal in 2022. Coal made up China’s electricity mix in 2022. It also paved the way globally in terms of producing most of the electricity from the hydro power at 1.318 TWh which made up to 15 percent of the energy mix. Also, solar and wind gave 14 percent, bioenergy 2 percent and nuclear 5 percent. China is the world’s biggest coal power country but at the same time leader in solar and wind energy.

China Adding New Power Capacity in 2023
The image shows China adding new power capacity in 2023

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