Video Chat Apps Demand

April 2021

Online technical advancement has taken strides to bring communities closer to one another. Especially in a world severely under the clasps of Covid-19 and social-distancing becoming quotidian, individuals started relying upon video chat apps for connecting on a personal and a professional level. Starting from students in schools and colleges to persons involved in meetings and conferences, everyone requires the video conferencing platform. 

Impact of Covid-19 on Video Chat Apps Demand

According to the reports by Research and Markets (, in March 2019, there had been a record 62 million download of the video chat apps. Platforms that enable virtual meetings in real-time have seen an upsurge due to the increasing need to perform regular meetings and conduct jobs effectively. Are we looking at a world connected via the virtual platform? If so, multiple organizations have accelerated the possibility of communication through this mode. 

Best Video Chat Apps in Demand

The following video chat apps are in high demand ever since the pandemic has made individuals and associations resort to a virtual space. 

Zoom Meeting 

Extending support to professional and educational areas, Zoom has been widely used by every person. It accommodates a vast number of participants to share their ideas on a common forum. It facilitates a unique function, that of screen sharing, thus allowing the host to share their screen contents. The chatbot enables participants to extend comments and discussions on the platform. The app is compatible with both mobile and computer. Though the free version of the app permits meetings for 40 minutes, the paid version extends the meeting duration and allows more participants to meet. The latest update on zoom features end to end encryption for added security. 


The platform developed by Microsoft offers a range of 50 participants to join a video chat. Smartphones and desktops support Skype, enabling a wide range of functions to be performed by the user. It brings international residents closer to their families residing in various locations by providing the international call/ text facility. Screen sharing with live transcriptions are features provided in the application. 

 Google Meet 

Student Communities widely benefit from the application curated by Google. Participation of up to 100 individuals for 60 minutes allows a wide range of members on board. The screen sharing facility is updated and quite convenient for use. Yet another feature that stands out in this application is the feature to pin chats. It allows the participants to devote their attention to the presenter or speaker without distraction from other icons popping up. The chatbot on Meet is highly beneficial to address queries and post comments. 

Chat Apps for Personal Communication 

  • Facebook Messenger¬†

  • The genesis of Facebook has succeeded in bringing families and associations to proximity. The messenger video call facility and the recent chat room creation has brought groups of friends and associates into a closed circle. The number of participants in a single video call is 50. Socializing becomes a step more convenient and adds to the vibrancy of a weekend family video call across lands!¬†

  • WhatsApp Messenger¬†

  • ¬†A click to upload a number and a display picture is all it takes for people to connect on this platform for people across the globe. Whatsapp has revamped its video call feature with the feature of adding participants on a call. It also offers group video calls for friends to meet on weekends, limited to a virtual platform post-pandemic.¬†

    Therefore, the vista of virtual meetings and rendezvous familiarised through these applications will be in vogue for a long time, adding to the ease and efficiency of a world-changing at a rapid pace. 

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