Top 10 uses of Acetone

February 2021

Acetone, also known as Propanone is an organic chemical compound that is used in industries and in household products both as a solvent and as a cleaning agent. You will find Acetone as an essential component in gasoline, paints, cosmetics, as a cleaning agent and in medical fields etc.

While Acetone can be used for multipurpose, it is most importantly used for building block in the organic synthesis.

There are 10 beneficial uses of Acetone that is used in our daily lives-

  • Cosmetics- The only use of Acetone that we are all commonly aware of is in a nail polish remover. It is a very essential ingredient in a nail polish remover as it thins down the alcohol content in a nail polish allowing it to dissolve in the cotton swab. It is also used in makeup, lotion and skin creams to thin the product.

  • Medical- Since Acetone is an organic solvent it is most commonly used in Pharmaceutical to produce pills, to liquidify medicines, to sanitize medical equipments and is also used as an antiseptic.

  • Laboratory- It is also used in labs to clean the glass apparatus and to speed up the drying process. It has a freezing point of -80 degree Celsius and is thus used to conduct chemical reactions in low temperatures.

  • Electronics- In case of electronics, it is again used to clean different electronic gadgets.

  • Domestic Purpose- Acetone is also used to remove stubborn oil stains, ink stains from the wall and can also be used to clean paintbrush.It can also be used as a paint thinner for oil paints.

  • Gasoline- The Petroleum Industry uses this to thin out gasoline to make it easy to move evenly through the engines.

  • Kitchen Utensils- Acetone also removes stains on cups and plates and can erase coffee stains as well as grease.

  • Eliminates Scratches- Acetone can also eliminate scratches on watch glass but needs to be rubbed carefully on the surface to avoiding damaging the watch.

  • Erases stubborn stickers- Have you felt annoyed when the stickers don’t come off from the glass and metal surfaces. Rubbing substantial amount of this solution on the sticker makes it peel off from the glass easily.

  • Dissolve superglue- Did you ever struggle with peeling off superglue that you spilled on the floor by mistake? Well, Acetone can remove that as well.

Thus, Acetone is a vital component that is used in our daily life and is safe to use when manufacturer’s instructions are followed. However, the chemical is very flammable hence you should avoid using it near open flames.

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