Mayonnaise: The Interesting Facts that May Surprise You

February 2021

Mayonnaise is a universal side delicacy that is everyone’s favourite. With just 4 ingredients it is possible to make this tasty dip. It is a simple emulsion of oil, yolks, salt, acidity and other extra flavours. The commercial spaces make tones of mayo to serve with the main dishes. However, it is still an easy recipe to make at home. There are plenty of factors that make it the best dish. Now let us take a look at the surprising fats of mayo. 

The Steps to make Mayonnaise at Home

  • The first step is to separate the egg whites and egg yolks. 

  • Pour the lemon juice into the egg yolks. Now give it a mix to combine both the liquids well.

  • Now keep on whisking the egg yolk, lemon juice mixture and start adding drops of oil into it. When the oil starts to build up, you can stop pouring oil.

  • Whisk till you can get the creamy and shiny mayo consistency. 

  • If you think that mixture is thick, then add a splash of water. 

  • Now add a pinch of salt to the mixture. Once the mixture is fluffy, white, shiny, then it is good to eat. You can serve it with any of your favourite dishes. 

The Amusing Facts about Mayonnaise

  • The mayo making process starts with the chicken

The mayo industries have their chicken hatcheries to get the best eggs. The mayonnaise will taste the best only when the egg is good. It is just not a job of getting eggs from outside to make the mayo. The primary procedure is to have chickens that lay eggs to make the best mayo. 

  • The separation of chickens by gender

The eggs laid by the small chicks are used for mayo making. For this, the mayo industries separate male chicks from females. The male will not lay any eggs. Therefore, the industry uses modern technology and machines to identify the gender of the chicks to separate them. It is interesting fact as you can know how much is going on before getting a cup of mayo dip. 

  • Mayonnaise for smooth hair

It may be a weird remedy for many. However, mayo is the best conditioner for air. As the primary ingredient in mayonnaise is eggs, it can condition your hair excellently. The plain egg mayo is used as a conditioner in many countries. If you do not like egg odour, then egg mayo can make this task easy for you. 

  • It is the most selling condiment in the world

There is no other condiment, not even the ketchup, the most selling than mayo. In most countries, the traditional dishes have mayo as their base. As mayo used on sandwiches, salads, pasta, sushi and more recipes, it is the most selling dip. 

  • The mayo is made with liquefied egg

The first step of making mayo is liquidating the eggs. Over millions of eggs are liquefied to create a delicious mayo. Some of the massive mayo industries use up to 2 million eggs to make mayonnaise. 


Mayo is an excellent innovation that takes its root in France. However, you can try out this world-class dip at home with the tips.

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