Gin- Variety, Best Method, How it is Prepared

February 2021

Gin is a distilled spirit with many of the dominant flavours in it of fresh and dried fruit, juniper, and flowers. The name of it has been derived from the word "genever", which is then derived from the Latin word "Juniperus", which means juniper. In today's time, it is produced in different ways with a huge amount of herbal ingredients, giving rise to various brands and styles.

Variety of Gin

There are various types of Gin which are present:

  • Distilled Gin: It is made with a base of fermented alcohol or by mash distilling. It is a product that is similar to that of whiskey or brandy.

  • Redistilled Gin: It is made with the process of second distillation made on the neutral spirit.

  • Compound gin: It is a mixture of both neutral spirits and juniper berry essence or extract to get the flavour, and along with that, add other aromatics if they want.

  • London dry gin: It is one of the most traditional gins that has created the best quality gin benchmark. It mostly has a high aroma, light-bodied, very dry, and comes with juniper notes.

  • Plymouth gin: It has a more citrus style and is lighter, which originates from Plymouth's port at the English Channel. In today's time, only one distiller can produce it known by the name of Plymouth, Coates, and Co.

  • Old Tom gin: It is a famous inclusion in Tom Collins' cocktail, which is a sweeter version as it includes simple syrup or liquorice, which is added before distillation or before release.

  • New western dry: It is of modern style with less juniper flavour in it. Instead, it contains flavours that can take centre stage or botanicals.

What is the best method to drink Gin?

The easiest and best way to have Gin is with the water. However, it does not take much to the cocktail level or to any other level to have Gin. Many people take Gin straight.

How the Gin is prepared

There is a big difference between the distilled and redistilled Gin related to the base alcohol. The distilled Gin is being prepared by distilling a lower ABV alcohol fermented and can be taken out from sugar cane, potatoes, grapes, sugar beets, or grains. While in the redistilled one already distilled spirit is being used as its base, mostly neutral grain.

The flavours of botanical and juniper are filled in the spirit by using any of these two methods. In the distilled method, the botanical ingredients will be boiled and steeped directly into the base of alcohol. The botanicals are taken from above the liquor in the redistilled method, which gives the aroma and flavour through vapour infusion.

There are different types of Gin with different flavours that one can enjoy as per their preference and can even take it raw. Simultaneously, some of them put the same with some ice cubes along with a drop of lime in it.

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