Global Color Masterbatch Market, By Type, Forecast to 2027

Global Color Masterbatch Market, By Type, Forecast to 2027

ID: MRFR/CnM/0035-SR | March 2017 | Region: Global | 11 pages

The Global Color Masterbatch Market has been evaluated as growing market and expected that the market will touch high growth figures during the forecast period. For the purpose of this study, MRFR has segment the global color masterbatch market by type into white masterbatch, standard color masterbatch, black masterbatch, additive masterbatch and others

Majorly the color masterbatch is used in market are black and standard color masterbatch. Black masterbatch comes in low cost pigment providing various shades of black. They are designed to provide properties like conductivity and light stability. There are also additive masterbatches which are used by plastic manufactures to improve the properties of polymers such as reduce weight of product and prevent from direct UV light which causes degradation of plastic. Masterbatch contains 45-65% of additives and sometimes 80% in extreme cases. White masterbatch are available in very small pigments of 14mm to 70mm and provides high brightness even on less loading.

Black Masterbatch accounted for the largest market share of in 2015, with a market value of over USD 1,000 million and is projected to grow positively during the forecast period. Standard Color Masterbatch was the second-largest market in 2015 it is projected to grow at a rapid pace. However, White Masterbatch was projected to be the third-largest market in 2015.

Further, in terms of volume, Black Masterbatch again dominates the market with good amount of a market share in 2015 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.29%. Standard Color Masterbatch, was the second-largest segment in 2015, However, White Masterbatch is anticipated to be the third largest segment in 2027.

Market Research future through this report aims to provide understanding of the global color master batch market on the basis of types, and also assists identification of ongoing trends along with anticipated growth during the forecasted period. For this report, extensive primary research was conducted to gain a deeper insight of the market performance. Various industry experts and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) were contacted and interviewed to get an idea of global color master batch market.

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