Biometrics in Government Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

Biometrics in Government Market Research Report: by Type (Fingerprint Identification, DNA Analysis, Iris Recognition, Face Recognition and Voice Recognition), by Application (Border Control, Public Safety, E-Passport, Voter Registration, Latent Fingerprint Matching, National ID, E-Visas and Healthcare and Welfare) and by Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World) - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/SEM/6563-CR | June 2019 | Region: Bric | 195 pages

Impact of COVID-19 on the Biometrics in Government Market

The biometrics technology offers numerous advantages, such as increased levels of security. It enables the recording of distinctive individual characteristics, such as fingerprints, retinas, and voice patterns, for system authorization. Governments and law enforcement organizations are implementing numerous e-passport and nationwide identity card programs with the help of biometrics, which is expected to boost the growth of the biometrics in government market. The electronics sector has been impacted substantially due to the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The changes in consumers’ inclinations towards the products and buying behavior owing to fluctuations in the global economy are expected to affect the biometrics in government market over the projected timeframe. Governments worldwide have imposed lockdowns, affecting most of the global industrial players and compelling people to stay within their homes, which, in turn, has reduced the physical interaction among people. Most industry players have allowed employees to operate from their homes to ensure business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is expected to hamper the growth of the biometrics in government market over the forecast timeframe. The restrictions imposed on manufacturing activities to comply with the social distancing norms are likely to hinder the growth of the electronics industry, which, in turn, is expected to limit the growth of the global biometrics in government market.

Business operations in the electronics sector have been interrupted due to the COVID-19 crisis. The shift in consumer preference towards essential products is likely to influence the biometrics in government market over the projected timeframe. Furthermore, the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in the sealing of international borders, which has caused a severe decline in the global demand for biometrics and related products. Government authorities worldwide have enforced restrictions on travel. Hence, the market is also expected to be affected due to the decrease in the sales of biometric products in the government sector. Additionally, the restrictions on public gatherings and travel bans in several countries are expected to hinder the growth of the market during the pandemic. The spread of the pandemic has not only caused the loss of human lives but has also triggered the chances of a global economic recession. The increased focus on social distancing and personal care also is likely to affect the demand for products, such as biometric devices, during the coming months.

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