Bamboo Toothbrush Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2030

Bamboo Toothbrush Market Research Report: By End User (Adults, Children) and By Distribution Channel (Store-Based, Non-Store-Based) – Forecast to 2030

ID: MRFR/CR/6710-HCR | September 2022 | Region: Global | 111 pages

Impact of covid-19 on the Global Bamboo Toothbrush Market

The advent of the global pandemic, COVID-19, has resulted in a global crisis across the world. The outbreak has disrupted the growth of personal care products as well across the globe. Bamboo toothbrushes are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes. Bamboo has several characteristics that make it an ideal substitute for plastic. The demand for bamboo toothbrushes has been surging in the last few years across the globe due to the increasing consumer inclination towards eco-friendly products. On the other hand, the regulations implemented by several countries to ban plastic products are also anticipated to act as a growth factor in the bamboo toothbrush market. The use of bamboo toothbrushes is majorly concentrated in developed economies. However, the consumption of bamboo toothbrush is anticipated to witness a major downfall in the upcoming years owing to several factors. One of the significant factors for the low consumption of bamboo toothbrush is its not an economical solution among consumers. The price of a bamboo toothbrush is higher as compared to the plastic toothbrush. The governments in several countries have implemented lockdown policy to minimize the spreads of coronavirus among the citizens, which is anticipated to play a pivotal role in the Global Bamboo Toothbrush Market. The outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in immense pressure across supermarkets & hypermarkets, convenience stores, and food suppliers globally. This has led to an increased sale of several essential products. Bamboo toothbrush is not an essential commodity among the consumers as it is a substitute for conventional plastic toothbrushes. Thus, most of the consumers in Europe and North America are opting for conventional plastic toothbrushes for their daily usage. In the case of developing and underdeveloped economies, the use of bamboo toothbrushes is limited among high-end consumers. The awareness of this product is exceptionally low in underdeveloped economies, and the presence of the key manufacturers of bamboo toothbrushes is limited in North America and Europe, which is anticipated to pose a major challenge in developing and underdeveloped countries. The major bamboo producing countries are China, India, Japan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, and other South East Asian countries. Thus, the key manufacturers are highly dependent on Asia-Pacific for raw bamboo, which is anticipated to disrupt the production of bamboo toothbrush owing to the extended lockdown in several COVID-19 infected countries. Additionally, the manufacturers are facing difficulties in logistics as most of the countries are not allowing non-essential products. However, in the longer run, the global market is anticipated to exhibit a healthy growth rate due to the shift in consumer taste and preference.