One Plus Expected to Be Third Largest Brand by 2020

Published On : 08 January, 2018

Mobile phone market has become a dynamic arena in India, especially after the introduction of various android phones by Samsung since 2010. The market is collectively dominated by Apple Inc. and Samsung with other established players including SONY, HTC, Panasonic, Xiaomi, Micromax, Oppo, Vivo and other small players. Apple Inc. came up with brand name IPhone, was a first choice of premium customers and has sustained its position over the past few years. But with growing need of new innovative multimedia applications offered within minimum cost by small Chinese players are capturing the market share and thus, hampering the Apple and Samsung market revenue. On the other hand, “One Plus” which came into market in 2013 is emerged as key player and delivering fair competition to premium phones like IPhone.
One Plus incorporated in 2013, is a Chinese company operating as a subsidiary of Oppo electronics. The company’s very first mobile phone “One plus One” introduced in earlier 2014 is largely favored in Indian market. With this launch One Plus started competing with global leaders and in its next couple of launches has been successfully adopted by Indian smart phone users which is sold at comparatively lower price. The company has proved one thing that, there no reason for smart phones to be costly by launching its phone ‘One Plus Three’ which seems equal competitor to Apple’s IPhone 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7. More importantly, the high end smart phones offered by One Plus are gaining market attraction and the company gradually building its brand equity. Its recent launches are being a choice of consumers in Asian markets specifically in India and the company is offering intense competition to conventional marketers. Over the past two year, One Plus is having considerable market shares in the leading dominants and addressed as a key player by industry experts. In 2016, One Plus spotted as fifth largest smart phone provider with 6.1% share in Indian market and it is anticipated to be a global market players in the years to come.

image -One Plus Expected to Be Third Largest Brand by 2020