D-Mart: - An Emerging Profitable Retail Business in India.

Published On : 26 July, 2017

D-Mart is not backed by any business tycoon such as Ambani, Birla, Biyani or Goenka, it is owned by media shy investor Radhakishan Damani. Radhakishan Damani is way ahead in thinking differently than every other Indian Retailer. Other retail companies expanded easily into different segments, whereas, Damani stick to daily needs of consumer that is food, groceries and clothes. This allows him to provide discounts on MRP with racking up great inventory turnover ratio. With such good inventory turnover ratio, Damani likes to play with wholesalers for better prices and believes in fast convertible products into sales. Until 2014, company has 4 retail outlets, however, in last 3 years, company had expanded to 5 states. Company believes in 75% expansion of new stores in existing states and are very reluctant to expand geographically.

image -D-Mart: - An Emerging Profitable Retail Business in India.